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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Patriot Wars

On December 3, 1838, the Patriot Wars broke out. A group of about four hundred men from Detroit called 'The Patriots' raided Windsor in what is called "The Patriot Rebellion", but they were repulsed by the Canadian Militia under the command of John Prince (1796 – 1879) on Dec 4. Four of the invaders were summarily executed by Prince.

1838 - December 4. Battle of Windsor, fought in the Baby orchard, ended the Patriot War, which had resulted from political disturbances in Upper Canada. Invading "Patriots" were largely American.

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  1. I was wondering about your Peters family. Where did they live? I haven't read far enough to see. I added you to my reading list. [on http://arootdiggertoo] I am not sure if my new search button which I am going to add will bring up your Peters here or not. I have not added my info on them yet. I should.

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