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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Edward Taylor's Scrip Affidavit

This scrip affidavit was filled out and signed by Jane Hemmingway (formerly Taylor, born Prince).

Jane was born 1808 at Albany House, and married George Taylor II (#4638) on January 11, 1828. George Taylor was born either in 1798 per Hudson Bay records, or 1800 at Norway House, York Factory MB. Per Hudson Bay records, he died Nov 15, 1844.

As for Jane, the affidavit she signed in 1875 proves she was indeed alive in '75. Some family trees have her dying sooner. I've seen one account of her dying Nov 5, 1897 at the age of 89. At this moment, I cannot recall the source.

They had 7 children: George III [4636] Oct 3, 1829; Robert Alexander [4637] 1836; Victoria, Feb 25, 1837; Sarah, June 1, 1838; Nancy, 1838 or 9; Edward Prince [4633] Jan 1, 1840; and Thomas [4940] born 1843.

By 1875, Jane was 67 years old. She was widowed in 1844, remarried Frederick Hemingway Sept 28, 1848 when she was about 40 and was widowed again in 1857 at the age of 49. I THINK she had a daughter with him since she names four daughters in her will.

The scrip affidavit reads as follows:

I, Jane Hemmingway formerly Taylor (born Prince) of the Parish of St. Andrews in the County of Lisgar, widow of Fred Hemmingway in said Province, make oath and say as follows:

Edward Taylor Senior my son is a Half-breed head of a family, resident in the Parish of St. Andrews in the said Province, on the 15th day of July, A.D. 1870, and consisting of himself and children and
1. claim to be entitled as such head of family to receive a grant of one hundred and sixty acres of land, or to receive Scrip for one hundred and sixty dollars pursuant to the Statute in that behalf.

2. He was born on or about A.D. 1840 in the Parish of St. Andrews in said Province.

3. George Taylor a half breed was his father and Jane Hemmingway a (illegible) is mother.

4. He had not made or caused to be made any claim of land or Scrip in this or any other Parish in said Province, nor claimed or received as an Indian any annuity moneys from the Government of said Dominion.

5. This said, Edward Taylor Senior left this Parish in the month of June last 1875 to settle in the vicinity of the Saskatchewan river and it is doubtful whether he will ever again return to this country.
Jane [x] Hemmingway

Sworn before me at the Parish of St. Andrews in the County of Lisgar on the 29th day of July A.D. 1875, having been first read over and explained in the English language to said deponent who seemed perfectly to understand the same, and made her mark in my presence.
(Then it's signed by the commissioner)

At the bottom of the page, it says "Scrip not issued; 26-4.286; J.a.c.", then scribbled right over top of the body of the document it says, "approved under o. in c. something 1885" and references record #334802 dated June 1893. Then written sideways on the left margin it says, "See also Wm Cummings record dated 19th Feb 1891 on this file stating the usual investigation was made in this case file. 24.7.93"

Whew - lots of information on this document!