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Friday, April 3, 2009

Three Taylor Brothers

Pictures just in! Three of the Taylor brothers with their wives. They are sons of George Taylor III (HBC sloopmaster/translator/surveyor) and Jane Prince.

This George is known to our family as George IV ID#4636 born Oct 3, 1829 and baptised Aug 2, 1833. He married Isabella Cooper on March 6, 1854. She was born 1835 to Thomas Charles Cooper #951 and Catherine Thomas. They lived at St.Andrews, Red River Settlement, then their scrip was issued Apr 16, 1877 and George became a Prince Albert, Saskatchewan farmer.

At right, is Robert Alexander Taylor #4637, his wife Elise Waller (aka Valeur or Valler in source docs) Their Grandson is standing there, Leslie Frost 1895 - 1918, son of Caroline Taylor and James Frost. This was taken by their home in lockport, just a little ways from selkirk.
Robert Alexander 1836-1919 and Eliza (Waller) Taylor 1846-1921 daughter of Nancy Birston and James Vollar/Voller/Waller.
Caroline Taylor Frost was the eldest child of Robert Alexander & Eliza Taylor.
Of stories collected to date Robert Alexander is one of the most interesting characters to emerge from out of the past. Two of his grandchildren were able to comment on him. Hopefully, some of those stories will be passed on to me to add to this post soon, so stay tuned.

At right is the second youngest boy Edward Prince Taylor #4633 Feb 1, 1840 - Jul 10, 1919. He died the same year is elder brother Robert did. With him is his second wife, Sarah Stevens Oct 1854 - Oct 9, 1944. They married June 15, 1871. Edward had 4 children with his first wife and 13 with Sarah. I'm having lots of fun sorting them all out too! ;)

Most interesting thing of all though (for me at least) is that the couple at right, Edward and Sarah, are my direct great Grandparents on my Granny's side -Emily Caroline (Taylor) Young's parents. And the top picture of George and Isabella, are my direct great-great Grandparents on my Grandpa's side! (Richard Victor Young's Grandparents) And Richard Victor Young married Emily Caroline Taylor... so, this means my Dad's parents were 2nd cousins. I understand this happened alot at the Red River Settlement and was sometimes unavoidable (just like some 'Royal Families'?). But, my Dad turned out to be a great Dad and I think I turned out ok too but Mom says she brought some new blood in just in time. :D